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Peer-Reviewed Publications


J. J. Wray, S. T. Hansen, J. Dufek, G. A. Swayze, S. L. Murchie, F. P. Seelos, J. R. Skok, R. P. Irwin III,

and M. S. Ghiorso. “Infrared spectral evidence for felsic rocks on Mars.” In revision  (5/2013).

Skok, J.R., Mustard, J.F., Tornabene, L.L, Pan, C., Rogers, D. and S.L. Murchie. (2012) A

Spectroscopic Analysis of Martian Crater Central Peaks: Formation of the Ancient Crust. J. Geophys. Res.117,E00J18, DOI:10.1029/2012JE004148.

Skok, J.R., J. F. Mustard, B. L. Ehlmann, R.E. Milliken, S. L. Murchie, (2010) Silica deposits in the

Nili Patera caldera on the Syrtis Major volcanic on Mars. Nat. Geo., 3, 838- 841, DOI:10.1038/NGEO990  

Skok, J. R., J. F. Mustard, S. L. Murchie, M. B. Wyatt, and B. L. Ehlmann (2010) Spectrally distinct

ejecta in Syrtis Major, Mars: Evidence for environmental change at the Hesperian-Amazonian boundary, J. Geophys. Res., 115, E00D14, doi:10.1029/2009JE003338.

Abstracts and Conference Presentations


Skok, J.R. et al., Petrologic Implications of Martian Igneous Crustal Formation Based on Remote

Observations. LPSC 2013.

Wray, J.J. et al. and J.R. Skok, Infrared Spectral Identification of Unusually-Rich Rocks on Mars.

LPSC 2013.

Skok, J.R. and J.F. Mustard. Ancient Mars Crust Formation: Observations from Crater Central

Peaks. 3rd Conf. Early Mars, 2012.

Skok, J.R. et al. Martian Hot Springs? Silica deposits in the Nili Patera Caldera.

(Invited talk) P31G-03. AGU 2011.

Skok, J.R. et al. Composition of the Primary Crust of Mars: Observations of Deeply Excavated

Crater Central Peaks. P11A-1583. AGU 2011

Parente, M., Skok, J.R. and I. Baarstad. Simulating a Mars mission for the identification of samples

of high mineralogical interest using a portable imaging spectrometer. P33D-1784. 2011 AGU

Skok, J.R. et al. Volcanically Driven Hydrothermal Systems in Post‐Noachian Mars: Hotspots of

Habitability on a Changing Planet. Exploring Mars Habitability 2011

Skok, J.R. et al. Spectroscopic and Morphological Analysis of Alga Crater’s Central Peak:

Implications for Mars Primary Crust Formation.  42st LPSC 2011

Tornabene, L.L. et al. and J.R. Skok. High-resolution morphologic and spectral characteristics of

Crater-exposed Bedrock on Mars: Insights into the petrogenesis, stratigraphy and geologic history of the Martian crust. AGU 2010

Ehlmann, B.L. et al. and J.R. Skok. Impact Craters as Probes of the Ancient Martian Southern

Highlands: Insights on Aqueous Alteration. AGU 2011

Skok, J.R. et al. Crystalline Igneous Crust of Mars: New Insights from the Southern Highlands.

41st LPSC 2010

Tornabene, L.L., et al and Skok, J.R., A Crater-exposed Bedrock Database for Mars with

Applications for Determining the Composition and Structure of the Upper Crust, 41st LPSC 2010

Murchie, S.L. et al. and J.R. Skok. New results from the MRO/CRISM investigation.

38th CSOPAR 2010

Skok, J.R. et al. Silica Deposits in the Nili Patera Volcanic Caldera, Syrtis Major, Mars AGU 2009
Skok, J.R. et al. Identification of Primary Noachian Crustal Blocks on Mars with CRISM

Observations. 40th LPSC 2009

Skok, J.R. et al. CRISM-OMEGA Observations of Compositionally Distinct Crater Ejecta in the Syrtis

Major Region of Mars. AGU 2008

Skok, J.R. et al. Compositionally Distinct Ejecta Blankets in Syrtis Major: Implications for

Environmental Change. 39th LPSC 2008

Rask, J.C. et al and Skok, J. The Spaceward Bound Field Training Curriculum for Moon and Mars

Analog Environments. LEAG Workshop on Enabling Exploration: The Lunar Outpost and Beyond. 2007

Rask, J.C., et al. and Skok, J. The Spaceward Bound Field Training Curriculum for Moon and Mars

Analog Environments.  38th LPSC 2007

Bell, J.F., III et al. and Skok, J.R., High Spatial Resolution Visible Wavelength Orbital Multipectral

Imaging of Mars from the Mars Odyssey THEMIS-VIS Instrument. 37th LPSC 2006

John Roma (J.R.) Skok


I am currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at Louisiana State University. My research focuses on the formation and evolution of volcanic  and igneous systems. While I utilize a variety of datasets in my research, my expertise is with near-infrared spectroscopy.


E235 Howe-Russell BLDG., 

Geology and Geophysics 

Louisiana State University 

Baton Rouge, LA 70803




Brown University

​2007 - 2012

Department of Geological Sciences

Ph.D 2012 Geological Sciences

M.S. 2009 Geological Sciences 

Cornell University

​2003 - 2007

College of Engineering

B.S. Geological Sciences

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